SEO Services in the Philippines

Our Davao staff are highly skilled.
Looking to give your website a boost in search rankings?

Whether you’re competing locally or globally, good SEO can make a difference.

But do websites in the Philippines have access to local SEO services that they can hire?


There are now SEO experts in the Philippines, and local websites can tap into companies that outsource SEO. It’s just a matter of knowing where and how to find the best service provider.

How has SEO taken root in the Philippines?

Careers in SEO is a rising trend among the young educated class, and they will continue to grow, what with more people appreciating their many benefits. After all, SEO and digital marketing, in general, are often outsourced and can be done in a home office. This opens opportunities to work from home. Who wouldn’t want that?

Moreover, Filipinos have a strong English and digital skills.

In both oral and written form, English is one of the pillars of communication in the country, so people are more than able to write content and handle other SEO services outsourced to them.

And if there’s one thing that the Philippines taking the global lead with regards to time spent on social media indicates is that Filipinos are internet savvy too. With training, they can excel in social media marketing or web traffic generation.

Ardor Media Factory in the Philippines

One of the leading companies that outsource SEO services in the Philippines is Ardor Media Factory, an SEO and internet marketing firm with offices in the Philippines, Australia, and Cambodia. We offer full-service digital marketing services and support delivered by a mix of remote and in-house staff. This may seem like a real challenge for the management to handle but there are strategies and solutions available.

We follow a clear organisational structure to ensure that directions and instructions are delivered properly and accurately. The first layer of direction comes from the international management team, which is then distributed to regional managers who work with various specialists assigned to carry out the work.

We also run ongoing training programs to ensure that teams in all locations, including the Philippines, stay abreast with new and developing strategies and techniques needed to deliver client needs.

As an SEO outsourcing company, Ardor Media Factory strongly believes in keeping everything legal and above board, using only white hat SEO techniques. The focus is on implementing effective content marketing strategies and in establishing a solid foundation of usability and technical capabilities.

Why Hire Ardor Media Factory for SEO in the Philippines?

Local and international SEO skills and knowledge

With a team of multinational SEO specialists working hand in hand with SEO experts in the Philippines, we can provide the best products and services in both worlds. Local SEO to bring in the local knowledge and international SEO to bring in the international expertise. There is always an advantage when insights to the local market are readily accessible.

This also means we are able to help businesses compete in both the local and international arena.

Real references from real businesses

As a global brand providing services to clients and SEO agencies in Australia, Canada, the UK, and the US, we have dealt with various niches around the world and have the references to show for it. This we can guarantee.

Honest, reliable SEO services

Aside from using only 100% white hat techniques, our link building strategy is also founded on using high-quality content and avoiding spam at all cost.

What are some of the SEO services we offer?

  • Determine the best keywords through keyword research centred on generating targeted traffic and conversion.
  • Provide technical SEO analysis and implementation to determine what needs to be fixed and improved in order to increase your website’s SEO score.
  • Create linkable content, such as informative infographics, high-quality articles, and super-useful guides, to generate quality backlinks from external sites and for authority link building.
  • Provide monthly reports that show a complete analysis of your website performance and the results of your marketing efforts.

Our team of SEO experts in the Philippines will make sure that your website will deliver value to your target audience, which is key to rank high in search engine results.

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