Crush Your Competitors with Fabienne Raphaël

Crush Your Competitors The Coolest Guy in SEO, Kris Reid, speaks to Fabienne Raphaël to the secret to crushing your competitors. Listen Now! Want to know how to make your business stand out among the rest?  This podcast will cover all the bases to make your business look perfect with the methods of SEO and how … Read more

SEO Authority Secrets with Josh Denning

SEO Authority Secrets Podcast Interview The Coolest Guy in SEO shares his wisdom on how to gain authority, trust and popularity in SEO. CEO of Ardor Media Factory and being the coolest guy in SEO, Kris Reid, took part in a podcast with The Tropical Entrepreneur Podcast host Josh Denning about the secrets to gaining … Read more

Killer Content Is King with James Lynch



Big Value, Big Business

Kris Reid, CEO of Ardor Media Factory, speaks exclusively with James Lynch, owner of, about how his SEO company took off, advice for potential SEO businesses and how Ardor Media Factory became such a success.

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The Engaging Brand with Anna Farmery

LISTEN HERE:   “Our customers are using the web to research before buying, so how do we ensure it is our fantastic website that Google chooses to show our potential customers?”   Anna Farmery is a renowned speaker and online coach for entrepreneurs. She started out as a Chartered Accountant at KPMG before entering the … Read more