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Founder of Ardor Media Factory himself- Kris Reid, the Coolest Guy in SEO, chats with renowned online podcast interviewers.




“Our customers are using the web to research before buying, so how do we ensure it is our fantastic website that Google chooses to show our potential customers?”

Anna Farmery - The Engaging BrandAnna Farmery is a renowned speaker and online coach for entrepreneurs. She started out as a Chartered Accountant at KPMG before entering the printing industry as a Financial Controller. She was promoted to Managing Director at age 25, having worked for a “truly inspirational leader”. By then, she realized that she also loved inspiring people to be the best they can be with their talents –  which she believes are present in all of us.
She continued working at FMCG as a Group HR/Finance Director for 20 years when she decided to establish her own company, The Engaging Brand.
With numerous awards and nominations for Best Business Podcast in six consecutive years, The Engaging Brand continues to be an enigma when it comes to branding, leadership, and social media.

You can contact Anna Farmery at +44 (0) 7914 381864. You can also e-mail her at anna@theengagingbrand.com.






Big Value, Big Business

In this podcast interview, we learned more about the founder of Ardor Media Factory himself – Mr. Kris Reid, one of Australia’s finest software developers. He is now based in the Philippines and owns a content marketing/search engine optimisation firm that provides exceptional services to clients all over the world. We also learned how Ardor Media Factory does content marketing in the best way possible, as well as one important tip: keeping your web content fresh to let everyone know what to look out for in your business.
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Online Learning MagazineToday’s most used marketing strategy was discussed in this podcast interview. Ardor Media Factory was founded with the main purpose of helping others achieve success in their chosen business niches by providing exceptional content marketing and search engine optimisation services at very flexible rates. For Mr. Kris Reid of Ardor Media Factory, content marketing is really quite simple to understand. All you need to do is to create a compelling content for your business website through engaging stories that people can highly relate to.
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