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Ardor Media Factory is the ultimate multi-national backlink building company. We help businesses achieve utmost success in their respective niches. By using the most innovative methods of marketing online, we offer a wide range of services with awesome results including search engine optimization, search engine ranking, and link building. We also produce high-quality content for business websites through informative articles. Moreover, we offer free services such as keyword research and web analysis.

We dedicate ourselves in simply giving you the best content marketing results for your business niche. We provide solutions to your problems efficiently in the shortest amount of time possible. As a client-friendly company, we also strive to give you the best customer service you could ever experience. We evaluate your problem, develop an effective solution, and deliver the perfect end results.

Kris Reid, Coolest Guy in SEO, creating strong backlinks for your SEO needs.
Kris Reid, Coolest Guy in SEO, creating strong backlinks for your SEO needs.

Meet Kris Reid, The Founder & CEO of Ardor Media Factory.  He also happens to be the Coolest Guy in SEO.


“My name is Kris Reid. I am a Software Engineer, originally from Brisbane where I graduated from the Queensland University of Technology (A university for the real world).

I was backpacking around the world a few years ago and because of my love for software development, I built an online game.  As the completion day came near for the game I made, I thought that I should learn how to market if anyone else is ever going to play with it. So, I started studying how Google works and learned about Search Engine Optimisation. I quickly discovered how important backlinks are – not just any backlinks, but only quality backlinks with relevant and compelling content on powerful industry-specific websites.

Then, I set out to build the perfect service to provide just that – high-quality backlinks with compelling content on industry-specific websites.

Fast forward a few years later, I now have a permanent office based here in Davao City, Philippines. It’s a quiet beach-side city that gives me access to virtually-unlimited skilled writers, editors, and content marketers to provide essentially limitless amounts of super high-quality powerful backlinks.”

– Kris Reid, the coolest guy in SEO & Founder of Ardor Media Factory

  • Industry: Internet and Technology
  • Specialties: Content Marketing, Content Writing, Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Ranking, Keyword Research, Web Analysis, Web Design, Link Building, Image Linking


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