Why Us

Ardor Media Factory is the ultimate multi-national backlink building company. We deliver awesome marketing results to businesses. With the help of search engine optimisation and by creating super powerful link profiles, the websites rank higher in search results, making them the leaders in their niche.

Websites are a lot like people. Without the connection to others, hardly anyone would know who you are. So, it’s almost impossible to rank in the search results without links that point back to your site.

Super Powerful Link Profile

Studies showed that it’s almost impossible to rank in search results without a single link pointing back to your website. Almost being the operative word, since it’s still possible, but with the insanely huge amount of effort put into it.

The reality is that there is a tight correlation between Google Rankings and links.

  • 99.2% of websites that appear on search results have at least one external link pointing to them
  • 0.8% of the rest of the websites are within the margin of error of Google’s link index
  • 77.8% of individual pages that appear on top results have at least one external link pointing to them
  • 22.2% of individual pages that ranked have no external links

Links Matter

…but only good links will yield high ranking in search results.

That’s where a good link profile comes into play. But, why settle for good when you can have Super Powerful Link Profile?

What is a link profile?

A link profile refers to all the links directing to your site that are a source of direct and indirect traffic.

Out of all the SEO ranking factors, it takes top priority.

And what Google looks for when scrutinising your website's link profile is:

The type of links pointing back to your website

  • No spammy backlinks
  • High DA
  • High value
  • High authority backlinks

The type of anchor text used with the links

  • Branded, whether diluted or combined with other keywords
  • Semantically relevant
  • Surrounded by relevant context

The manner of link acquisition

  • Google dislikes paid links
  • Only one link from one site matters; no need to get ten links from the same site

We at Ardor Media Factory will ensure your link profile is:

Free of paid blog links

Free of commercial anchor texts

Free of spammy links from irrelevant websites or fake forums

Moreover, your link profile will have:

Fresh links
Links from high-authority websites
Relevant and diverse links
Zero spam score

How do we make this happen?

We will create shareable and linkable content

  • Checked with software controlled spelling and grammar checking
  • Copyscape verified
  • Checked by human editors to ensure the highest quality
  • With the help of our dedicated writing and editorial team

Moreover, you’ll get authority links coming from:

  • Powerful industry specific authority sites to match any industry
  • 500+ word tailor-made article with relevant media
  • Primary keyword link, image link, URL or branded link

And to bring diversity to your link profile, we will link back to:

PDF links

  • PDF for content diversification
  • 500+ word tailor-made article
  • Secondary keyword link, URL, or branded link

Video links

  • Custom made video describing your products and services
  • 500+ word video description
  • URL link

High-value Extras

  • Free Rank Tracking
  • Monthly On-Page HO Report
  • Real Time Viewing
  • Easy-to-Use Interface to Manage Your Anchor Text Ratio

Checking your link profile is crucial to a maintain a sustainable Super Powerful Link Profile, and we will provide you the most convenient way to do so. With regular monitoring, your site is spared from penalties and potentially spammy backlinks. The end result is an increase in search engine rankings – the only result that counts.