The Golden Tricks of SEO

Free & easy tips every SEO marketer should know.

It's more than just coding correctly. Source:
It’s more than just coding correctly.

Even the most simple of tasks can make your website sing. We’ve put together a list of five free, easy-to-implement pointers to help even the biggest of websites.

Searching for specific content

When you want something incredibly specific that the keyword probably doesn’t get a vast amount of search volume a month it’s well worth looking into using a simple feature you can use through your search engine.

Into Google type in “site: <enter site here> search term” e.g. “site: white hat” to discover everything within the website that includes this term. This can take you directly to the search term you are looking for without having to trawl through other pages to get to where you want.

The results you find when you're looking for the most specific of content on a website.
The results you find when you’re looking for the most specific of content on a website.



One of the most valuable ways to check the popularity of your search terms and where to go next with your keyword research. When you find that the keywords you want to rank for have some stiff competition then Adwords can point you in the right direction to some alternatives. Other substitutes to Adwords are SEMRush, WordTracker and Bing’s very own version.


Buffer Page
Connect your social networks to Buffer and they post content to suit everybody’s schedule. Source:


A fantastic tool you can use to schedule posts on all of your social media platforms. For SEO companies working in different time zones to their clients and potential customers this tool even figures out when the best time to publish your posts. The best part of Buffer organising your content this way is attracting people to your site whilst you’re out of the office, and making your company look active in social media.

Google Alerts

Keep in the loop with keyword-specific updates. Source:
Keep in the loop with keyword-specific updates.

A simple but effective method to check keywords that you’re ranking for or to learn about the search volume of a certain keyword. These alerts arrive in your inbox either as they happen, every day or at the end of every week, and all articles with the selected keyword you choose will serve as research to your future keyword use or just for simple curiosity.


Check the authority/trust flow and citation flow of websites you follow frequently (or any website for that matter) by using Majestic. Although most of the benefits are better received when paid for, you can check sites for their authority and even check the number of backlinks they have. The more trust and citation flow they have the better trust the website has, but be sure to check if the citation and trust flows are of a similar level. Other programs you can try include the Moz Toolbar (free) and SERP Checker (free 30-day trial).

With these tricks you too can watch your business reach its marketing goals!

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