7 Things A Bad SEO Company Would Say

You’re looking for a company that will kickstart or develop your online business, but how do you know which company to go for?

Here are seven statements to look out for, and should raise a red flag, when speaking to SEO companies.


1. They say they can get you to #1 on Google

“But I want to be number 1 on Google!” I hear you cry, but it’s never that easy.

Ranking number one on Google is harder than everyone makes out. It’s doable of course, but it takes huge amounts of work especially if you’re targeting very competitive keywords. Therefore, you should be wary when a company tells you they’ll take you to the number one spot on Google (unless you sell something that isn’t at all competitive like fans for dogs or something, and even then it won’t be a week-long job). SEO is not something that can be put down and picked up again whenever you feel like it, SEO is a constant process that needs to be maintained on websites and with time comes results.

2. They say they will get you hundreds of thousands of backlinks

AMF - Bad Backlinks

Quality over quantity people!

Would you rather have a billion backlinks with low authority or a small number of backlinks with a heck of a lot of authority? Let’s hope you chose the latter. Google these days prefers you to have quality linking to you, so if an SEO company claims they’ll get you hundreds, thousands, whatever, then it’s best to walk away while you still can.

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3. They can’t prove it

Prove Your SEO Co. Is Worth It

Filling up 500 words to get the word count in looks great, but does the company actually mean what they say? Usually there should be case studies and testimonials to show you they’re legit, but if you can’t find any then will you trust them? If they can’t provide you with any proof then they’re clearly not worth your time and you should turn to a company that has the right credentials.

4. They won’t even give you a proper assessment

Reputable SEO companies would do a full audit/report to see where your website is losing money so that they can plan exactly what your website needs. Every site will need different areas changed and worked on to ensure it optimises correctly. As well as this, SEO companies should provide regular reports on their progress, whether that’s weekly or fortnightly, to ensure the work they’re doing is paying off. If it’s all sounding a bit bogus it’s best to look elsewhere.

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5. They don’t personalise your plan

Touching on the last point, a full audit should let you know what needs to be done on your website; not all websites have the exact same problems. Instead, SEO companies should provide personalised plans and speak to you on a regular basis about your wants, needs and budget to make sure your website looks amazing when they’ve finished the job. Companies that only provide standard plans are not worth spending money on.

6. Their content production is not of a high standard

It’s 2015 (nearly 2016), you can’t churn out content with your keywords put in a few times anymore. Google’s algorithm makes sure content with no quality or value are scraped from the Internet, meaning high quality content is of utmost importance in the SEO world. SEO companies should know this, and if they’re offering plans that you know will jeopardise your rankings in Google then look to a company that knows what they’re about and understands the current SEO climate.

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7. They won’t reveal their strategy to you

Or at least not the full details. SEO companies should lay out their plan to you before you give them the green light. As the customer, you need to know every aspect of what’s happening to your website (see points 4 and 5) in order for you to know exactly how your website is going to benefit. On that note, never stop researching around SEO because talking at length with a company can iron out any concerns you might have as SEO grows and changes at alarming rates.

You’ve read this post, now know what to ask SEO companies when you’ve decided on the one that’s best for you.

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