The Best Posts of 2015

2015's Best Posts

Here we’ve collected the best articles and advice posts of 2015 from many of our favourite websites. Not only do they focus on SEO and our industry, but there are also incredibly useful articles that can be used further than their intended purpose.


The Web Marketer’s Guide to Landing Press by Ryan Stewart
We love most of what Ryan has to say, but this was one of our favourites for a number of reasons. It highlights what the experts have to say and how to do it all for yourself with no complicated stuff to follow and nothing that could ever jeopardise your brand.

3 Killer Growth Hacks for Twitter, Reddit & Google+ (also) by Ryan Stewart
We loved this one so much that we tried them out for ourselves with glowing success, and they can work for you too. Again, a written up step-by-step guide as to how to use these tricks that work wonders for your social presence.

Your Social Media Sucks by CCarter
Hard to swallow, but that’s why we like it. Everyone knows the most controversial and sensationalist of posts reach the readers, which is why this guide to social media will truly kickstart your campaign.


21 Free Backlinks by Franklin
Did somebody say free backlinks? Here are 21 places you can find free backlinks – all you need to do is sign up and maybe write a few hundred words surrounding your keyword or business, or upload your own media, which can add to your online reputation.

How To Get Wikipedia Links That Stick by Charles Floate
Wikipedia links are incredibly hard to maintain, which is why this guide is king. We tested it for ourselves and still use it today with our link building, so why not try it for yourself with this super easy guide?


Will 2015’s SEO Best Practices Carry Over Into 2016 by Jayson DeMers
A good round-up post as to what SEO methods will be of most importance in 2016 as they were in 2015 and the potential for new methods to enter the fold. It’s a good post to gather information on so as to prepare yourself for the next year in SEO.

Get Unstuck By Creating Topic Relevance by Matt Diggity
Although a basic method it’s actually very crucial to SEO performance if you’re struggling to get the rankings you require. These case studies will give you the knowhow to rank that site or page in no time.

Great SEO Starts With Your Brand by Ruth Burr Reedy
This one is from the Moz Blog that made us think outside the box and reiterated the importance of a quality brand (which is why big brand names get their posts indexed within seconds). So what SEO methods are required to get your brand recognition rolling? This blog post explains all.

Some of our own posts

Backlink Report 2015
An overview of backlinks and their impact in 2015 as well as their importance following into 2016. A great research post that you can download and keep!

How To Index Your Site In 30 Minutes
This is a good method to use to get the ball rolling when you’re starting something new, but it’s also crucial to remember that the content made to initially index the site will need to be improved into top quality work over time.

Inbound Marketing in Asia – 2015 Report
So we found, as a company basing most of its operations in Asia, this report to be one of the most valuable in terms of our future plans and it can also be helpful for you to use as well. With this research your Asia-based business can move with the changing times with huge differences compared to Western markets that we found interesting for our future tactics.

The Coolest Guy In SEO
We had to add this in, as once it became an experiment it turned into a grand phenomenon and now we rank the highest for the Coolest Guy in SEO! All it takes is some research, good quality content and social signals to boost your keyword rankings, depending on the competition of course.

That rounds up our favourite posts of 2015, and with 2016 just around the corner we’re sure to find new and amazing posts that will dazzle us and inspire us. Until then, here’s to the New Year!

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