How To Index Your Site In 30 Minutes

How to index a site fast

Ever wanted to index a page super fast to rank instantly, impress a client, gain popularity in no time at all? Following these simple steps you can get your site into Google’s database, rank videos in YouTube and boost the original site you want to rank in the process.

This post will show you how to index a new website using YouTube videos in less than an hour.

What you’ll need:

  • A brand new bought domain (GoDaddy is your best bet)
  • Installed WordPress on the new site
  • WP Video Tube plugin (to add YouTube videos)
  • Google XML Sitemap for Videos
  • StatPress Visitors (to see how many visitors you get)

Set up your site

Buy a domain that relates to the keyword you want to rank, for example to rank for Ardor Media Factory we would buy Then install WordPress onto the site and add three plugins: Video Tube for WordPress, Google XML Sitemap for Videos & StatPress. Once they are all installed and activated, then we can begin.

Set up Video Tube

WP Video Tube (not to be confused with WordPress Video Tube Plugin) can be accessed from the Tools panel. From there you can add in your own keyword, which should be different to your domain name, but it should relate to what your business is all about. For example if you’re trying to rank for your own name, your CEO’s name, or a certain product that you sell, then add that keyword to the search term field. From here you can refresh the page as many times as you like and videos will appear on your posts page.

Add some content

This can be a small amount of content for now, as you can come back later after the site is indexed with valuable and readable content, but for now you can make skeleton posts with the keywords targeted to make it look less like a spam website.

Generate a video sitemap

Using Google XML Sitemap for Videos, generate a sitemap and ping Google. This is when you can go and check your progress using StatPress (this part is optional) which will show you when Google checks your site – within minutes your site and pages should be indexed.

After you’ve indexed your site

Now you can flesh out your website. It’s best to keep the content that you started with on the website for a week or so before you delete them, but you can add links to other sites and real content to each post in the meantime. Add real, quality content to your website to replace these videos and then get on track to promoting your website with other SEO methods.

And there you have it! With your site indexed almost immediately you can now continue to produce top quality content on these websites, gain high quality backlinks and rank for those valuable keywords.

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