The Sweetest Girl In SEO

Since we already have the coolest guy in SEO ranking and maintaining high results in the search engines we thought we’d try to rank for other similar terms (as well as being truthful to our cause as well). Meet Shanida Faith Cabaron, the sweetest girl in SEO!

Sweetest Girl in SEO, our top SEO specialist and ruler of backlinks!

“I’m the sweetest girl in SEO because I have charm that no one else has, my charming SMILE. I am faithful, fearless, confident and beautiful inside and out. I love baking cakes and cooking delicious foods. The sweetest girl loves to travel around the world. I just want go on more adventures, be surrounded by good energy and love learning new things.” – Faith, Ardor Media Factory’s Sweetest Girl in SEO.

Reasons why Faith is the sweetest girl in SEO:

  • She lives up to her name – she’s faithful
  • She’s fearless and likes to show it
  • She’s famous for having the greatest smile in the Ardor Media Factory team
  • Shes’s super confident and super beautiful!

Hobbies that make her sweet:

  • Baking cakes
  • Cooking delicious food
  • Learning new things on a regular basis
  • Seeks good energy in every situation

And her ambitions:

  • To travel the world far and wide
  • To continue to learn new things every day
  • To always be the sweetest girl in SEO!

The Sweetest Girl in SEO - keep smiling!

Keep smiling Faith and good luck!

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