Is Marketing a One Time Payment?

Is Marketing a One Time Payment? An analysis of how much you should pay attention to your marketing & SEO. Marketing and SEO should be at the top of most people’s agendas when it comes to promoting an online business, but the majority of businesses believe then that once their part is done then there … Read more

The Sweetest Girl In SEO

Since we already have the coolest guy in SEO ranking and maintaining high results in the search engines we thought we’d try to rank for other similar terms (as well as being truthful to our cause as well). Meet Shanida Faith Cabaron, the sweetest girl in SEO! “I’m the sweetest girl in SEO because I … Read more

How Tumblr Has Paved The Way For SEO

Tumblr is one of the biggest social media platforms around and for good reason, but it also provides a huge amount of authority and respect in terms of backlink power. Now that Tumblr SEO has been around for a few years now, here’s how the site has grown into one of the best web 2.0s to … Read more

The Best Posts of 2015

The Best Posts of 2015 Here we’ve collected the best articles and advice posts of 2015 from many of our favourite websites. Not only do they focus on SEO and our industry, but there are also incredibly useful articles that can be used further than their intended purpose. Marketing The Web Marketer’s Guide to Landing … Read more

How To Index Your Site In 30 Minutes

Ever wanted to index a page super fast to rank instantly, impress a client, gain popularity in no time at all? Following these simple steps you can get your site into Google’s database, rank videos in YouTube and boost the original site you want to rank in the process. This post will show you how … Read more