8 SEO Myths Debunked from The Coolest Guy in SEO

Kris Reid, otherwise known as the coolest guy in SEO, is here to answer your SEO woes!
Kris Reid, otherwise known as the coolest guy in SEO, is here to solve your SEO woes!

Kris Reid stopped by to give you a list of questions you should ask SEO companies before you say yes.

Don’t pick the first SEO company you find in a Google search. It’s tempting, but if you don’t know anything about the company, their goals or even what they’re trying to sell you then you’ll be in hot water in no time. Luckily Kris Reid, CEO of Ardor Media Factory and the coolest guy in SEO, came to voice the questions you really should be asking companies when it comes to deciding the best SEO company for your business.

  1. Who have you worked with in the past? 
    Every company should have a list of testimonials at least, if they share case studies with you then even better; you can then see how their product works and how satisfied other customers were with their service. Companies won’t be able to provide you with every single piece of information you may be asking for, but testimonials and examples of their product working is a good start to determining whether you’re going to part with your money. If you’re seeing negative reviews or they don’t provide you with either then it’s an instant red flag and you can cross them off your list right away.
  2. Do you follow the search engine rules?At this point it won’t hurt to research around the methods that SEO companies tend to use. White hat, grey hat and black hat methods vary in risk; if your SEO company is using black hat methods on the regular your site(s) will probably be at risk of being penalised in the foreseeable future, so it’s important you check your company is being honest with you. If they mention white hat methods and talk to you at length about how each method works that’s accurate to the research you’ve done then you’re in the clear.
  3. How will I know you’ve made progress?Other than checking for yourself through incognito searches, SEO companies should provide you with a report at the end of their service or at the end of every month. If it doesn’t say on their website then ask, and if they don’t then ask if they can do one for you to see if they’re really following the claims they told you at the beginning.
  4. What methods do you use to improve my rankings?SEO companies will use various different methods to get your site to the first page, from making spammy links to pure white hat link building. Before you sign the dotted line make sure you know exactly every method they use to make your business looking solid again, and then refer back to question 2. One key factor in deciding which company is best is through researching and deciding what you need to truly optimise your site, that way you can ask even more questions to the companies with your depth of knowledge.
  5. Can you get me to the number one spot on search engines?If they say yes within 0.5 seconds I’d walk away. Getting the the top of Google searches alone is tricky and if they can’t admit that then they don’t sound like they know their stuff. I’d listen to an honest company who will make your options realistic. If what they’re saying is too far-fetched then, again, I’d consider looking elsewhere.
  6. How many times a week will we be in touch?At Ardor Media Factory we provide a weekly report along with calls as and when you need them. If you’re concerned at every time then we’ll organise a call with you to suit your schedule and it’s that simple, and a lot of companies should offer this. If they don’t offer calls then regular emails are just as effective so long as you’re satisfied with the results you’re receiving.
  7. What are your payment terms?Most companies offer a month-by-month service, but this can vary depending on the service you’re after. Ardor Media Factory also has long relationships with clients, meaning many of our customers work with us for many months and ever years. Research around the areas you want updated on your website before you sign the dotted line, you may find a company that does a better job for half the money. But another thing to note is that you don’t want to be paying too little or the results they claim may not seem as good as they seem: quality over quantity.
  8. What happens when you’ve completed your services for my business?When you’ve finished your contract with your company you should be able to keep all of the content and results made by the company, but it’s important to note that those results will not change your business’ rankings for life. With Ardor Media Factory we have lifetime customers, which is why we’re confident our products work so well, but we also offer monthly subscriptions and the choice to cancel at any time like most companies should do. Read you contract and check it over multiple times until you are satisfied.

The main points are researching your area of SEO and checking every piece of information that’s given to you before you sign the dotted line, as well as keeping in contact with the company you choose.

Great advice from Kris Reid! No wonder he’s referred to as the coolest guy in SEO!

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