How To Do White Hat Link Building The Right Way

How to Build White Hat Links

Whitehat Link Building Techniques
White Hat Link Building Techniques

White Hat Link Building is a method used to gain free, honest backlinks to your website and thus improve your online reputation and make your presence online much more noticeable. To be linked to and to be potentially building whitehat links you need to ensure you have a steady flow of good content as well as establishing that every single post you make is going to be important to the stability, growth and reputation of your website. This post will show you how to build white hat links that your website will benefit from.

Getting on the “Useful Resources Page”

Useful Resources Page
Making the list of useful resources on a web page like this one will help you gain more backlinks than you think.

One whitehat link building technique that is overlooked all too often is creating and being a part of a useful links/resources page. A page on your website like the one above filled with relevant, resourceful links to other websites or even getting your website landed on a page such as this is a good point to start form. Websites and/or pages that have strong affiliation with what you’re trying to promote are able to work together to endorse each other’s content which in turn brings you a large set of white hat links in a relatively easy process. This can be looked over by many websites but they can be incredibly useful for gaining initial web traffic to your website as your content grows.

To narrow down the number of links to decide which websites you’d like to contact about getting your website on their page there are a range of tools you can use:

  • Doing a Google search of your product and deciding which websites out of the top 100 to contact
  • Using a program like Moz Link Check to determine the level of authority selected websites have; those with a low PA can be removed from your list
  • Discovering which websites have the least outbound links from the ones you’ve targeted
  • Contacting webmasters about promoting your website on their page in exchange for posting their link on your website

Reviews, Testimonials & Guest Posting

Another easy way of getting your website out there is by giving your product to websites for free so they can write a review about how sweet your product really is. The personal feel you get from each review posted about your product increases your brand recognition without any payments made, not to mention the good, honest feedback you will get about how your product works and you can even see which direction your product and business can go from there.

Testimonials are a great way to get people talking about your business that usually involves doing something back for the business you’re contacting, which can vary from writing case studies for them or testing their products. These can land you incredibly valuable leads and contacts as well as receiving quality relevant backlinks.

Guest blog posts, writing articles for other websites to use or getting linked to your blog is another way of getting your content read by new readers for free. Look at different websites to see which ones you want to write content for and if your website will be a good fit for them and they most likely will include a link to your website as a result which will bring web traffic and high quality backlinks for both websites.

Using DA and SE Price

Websites with a high Domain Authority and SEMRush Metric mean that they will gain the most amount of traffic and receive better results from your published content so you can determine for yourself how many readers will reach your work. Before producing any work for a website it would be wise to check their DA and SE Price ratings to see if your post will benefit your website as much as it will benefit theirs, but it’s also vital to produce good quality content of your own that fits in with their criteria. Want to track websites before you write for them? The free toolbar from Moz is a great place to start.

Moz's DA & PE Ranking Toolbar is a great way to check which websites are worth producing content for.
Moz’s SEO Toolbar is a great way to check which websites are worth producing content for.

Google Analytics

Looking at white hat link building strategies can be a daunting process without the use of a program to help you out. Google Analytics is another great tool to use for establishing which websites receive the highest traffic and can also coincide with discovering websites with high DA and SE Price. The program can produce a list of websites from highest to lowest rank that you can choose from and thus provide you with the biggest amount of traffic and more importantly how to build whitehat links.

Dedicating Time to Your Website

There are so many different, easy and free ways to get your content out there on new websites and gaining a huge number of backlinks in the process. From regularly posting blog posts on your website, using an RSS feed and creating an infographic to being the subject of a case study, using various social media plugins to spread your content and even making your own memes according to Hubspot, so even smaller ways can work just as much as the bigger methods.

The surefire way to build white hat links your website has is to contact relevant, industry-specific websites, producing content of the highest quality to be published on other websites and if you’re only just starting out it is much easier, even if your business is in a niche market, to start off small and work your way up. As Matt Banner thoughtfully put: “the link must have a genuine potential to generate traffic back to the blog.”

Good luck in your white hat link building journey!

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