5 Things I Learnt When I Used Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads

1. The image and design are more important than the text

Facebook only allows you to have 20% of text on the page, meaning every word you put on your Facebook Advert will have to draw people to your site at all costs. That said, the design needs to be clear, coherent and creative enough for potential customers to click on your advert. A call to action is also the most important part of making your advert stand out, you’d be surprised how many people won’t click on your ad when they don’t see a clear call to action on their screen.

2. There are more mobile users than we’re told

There are over 5.5 billion mobile users in the world, with 44% of Facebook users only accessing their account through their mobile every month. That’s right, they don’t even touch a laptop or computer or Mac. So, if you’ve been neglecting the mobile market, think about many people actually click through from your desktop adverts (probably not a lot, if any). Optimise for both and you’ll get more customers coming through from more than one medium.

3. The Audience Insights Tool is great

Use the Audience Insights to target the perfect audience.
Use the Audience Insights to target the perfect audience.

This tool shows you the demographics and information you need to focus on the right audience you want your adverts to reach; from here you can create your own audience. Here’s one example I tried out.

Create An Audience

Let’s say I was an interior designer looking to promote my business in Wales (it’s a broad area to target, but this is mainly for demonstration purposes). Here I can add specific locations, regions or cities in Wales, the age and gender of the audience and the industry I’m targeting; from here you can also add different behaviours, predicted income of your audience and even their relationship status. This leads smoothly into using the Power Editor which crafts a more specific and defined audience for you to target (but be careful, Power Editor is used for bigger campaigns that will be controlled).

4. Not every member of your audience will enjoy the same advert

If you run an SEO business some potential customers only want one product that you might sell, but if you don’t show that in an advert to them they’re probably not going to contact you any time soon. You should make a bunch of different adverts that showcase different products you sell, whether that’s backlinks, local SEO citation packs or reputation management, so that you can reach to as many customers as possible. If you’re an Italian restaurant, all the pizza lovers will click on your advert about pizza and those that want a cheesy carbonara are more likely to click on your pasta-orientated advert. Not everyone is going to like the same advert and that’s human – give them a number of options and they’re more likely to see what you’ve got to offer.

5. Facebook knows more about you & your audience than you already know

It becomes a controversial subject at times, but Facebook buys data to know more about your audiences, and we all know what happens when we head to Amazon.com or another shopping website and then go back onto Facebook. You can find anything you want nearly when you search for it on Facebook, even who’s in an open relationship, what photos you’ve had with a certain friend, who works at McDonald’s, etc. This data is then transferred to your ad creation desk where Facebook helps you narrow down your desired audience for you, so you can target as many people as possible.

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Happy ad-making!

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