Why Parasite SEO is Useful For Reputation Management

Making the most of using Parasite SEO

Parasite SEO

Looks are deceiving, but parasite SEO is actually an invaluable tool for reputation management purposes. Why?

Boosts Your Reputation

You’ve made a good name for yourself, you have the business you were made to be in and customers are flying in like there’s no tomorrow. But then, disaster strikes, and someone wrote a bad post about you or your company. It takes years to build that reputation but seconds to destroy it, and so your business takes a turn for the worst. Now what do you do?

No matter how hard you try there’s no way you’re going to get rid of that tarnish overnight, even if you ask the person who wrote the comments to take it down. Your only option is to bury it.

Making parasite sites therefore is the fastest way to get those negative posts away from the front page. The higher the authority of the website the better, that way you’re more likely to see these sites bump up over the top of negative posts and then people see you as a reputable site in the process.

Grows Your Authority

SEO Authority is a big deal

If you have links from high authority platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook, then search engines are going to see that as a huge win for your company. Not only does parasite SEO boost your authority but of course you receive a huge boost to your general online awareness, thus more likes, more shares and more customers.


You know what to do.

Increases Your Contacts

If managed well, your company website is most likely going to go up in views via the new accounts you’ve made on websites. More ways to contact you means more clicks to your site, more customers, more revenue, not to mention showing off your online flair. How about that?


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