5 Ingredients to a Content Explosion

Making content that your readers will want to hear about is the first step, but what are the key components to making your content go viral and be shared among thousands of readers?

Making The Perfect Content Recipe - Powerpuff Girls, Cartoon Network
Making The Perfect Content Recipe

1. Writing & Promoting

It’s not enough to post an article on your blog everyday, have the right grammar and spelling and being readable, it’s actually producing content that’s of a high quality to be read by others. This includes sourcing from quality sites to back your claims and show that you know your stuff as well as making content that’s unique, special and important enough for users to want to click and read and share amongst their friends.

That content will then need to be shared as many times as possible consistently across social media, your contacts, on mobile and forums. At this stage you can go hellbent on sharing your content through every medium possible, but not with the intention of spamming copious amounts of websites. Filling other websites to the brim with your content won’t entice many people to click, let alone the fact that you’ve bombarded their site with links which could potentially give you restrictions on what you share in the future.

They say you should spend 20% writing the content and 80% promoting it to the world, so get sharing! However, a general rule of thumb: quality is better than quantity.

2. Be funny

Memes are ironically popular, but the world loves them.
Memes are an acquired taste, but the world loves them.

Not in the way that will raise eyebrows, but showing that you’ve explored the internet before is a way of gathering a wider range of readers. Memes, for example, tend to draw in a heck of a lot of readers. 9GAG alone brought in 65 million readers just from their meme usage which really shows how much they’ve grown since the initial use of them nearly 10 years ago, and mainly appeal to the younger demographic. That’s not the only way you can be funny; jokes, puns and even general discussion about current affairs will get you noticed.

3. Timing it right

You may be in a completely different time zone compared to your audience, and you want to reach out to as many readers as you can right? This is where scheduling posts comes in.

Learn about the different time zones and schedule posts at times when they’re most likely to click, that way it’ll look like you’re dedicating your time to sharing your content, along with the extra amount of shares you get from doing that. Many social media sites now include the ability to schedule your own posts, but you can also use scheduling programmes to do this for you when you’re asleep at peak times.

Another way to check on your content is by regularly using your calendar, it sounds odd but it will allow you to figure out when your last post was and when the next one should be; there are also peak days and peak times to each day, so you can choose which days will make readers touch that share button on your articles.

4. Keywords

Sure, your keywords might be impossibly hard to rank for and you might feel you’re in the wrong business some days, but don’t despair! Think of it this way: if you’re sharing and promoting your amazing quality content to the best of your ability you will reach the top of search engine results regardless, so hone in on your keywords, use those synonyms and don’t think about the competition and you will get there. In the words of Shia LaBeouf, “just do it!”

5. General Advice

Take a minute to assess your situation, what do you think is the cause of your downfall? Is it your meta data, the titles you’re using, the keyword selections? Writing the titles and meta tags perfectly the first time is an amazing talent that requires punchy, snappy sentences, and it’s okay to not get it right the first time, but testing and changing your content so it’s perfect can land you in good stead on search engines. Finally, be realistic. Content Marketing can be a vicious cycle, but when you’ve got it down to a tee you’ll be glad you experimented with your content marketing.


Anyone can do marketing, it’s just about being brave.


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